MARTINELLI GROUP is present in the packaging industry for over fifty years, engaged in the production and marketing of materials and accessories for packing, oriented especially to the Italian and European markets.

Started as a small family business specializing in the production of packaging food, it has been always careful to satisfy the needs of customers and it has grown by developing a thorough widening trade policy, both the range of sold products, and the range of production to packing industry, in order to fully meet the demands of its customers.

The development of the packaging market in recent years and the increase in technology has led our company to build a new industrial plant which has a high "know know", a modern fleet, technically and professionally prepared to continue to offer to customers a service completely tailored to the needs of the market.

The continuous investments being made, combined with the expertise of our highly qualified staff, enables us to achieve high quality products at the best price on the market, placing us as the sole subject of the design of the finished product.

The graphics department is equipped with last generation Macintosh computers and tools for the certification of pantone color pattern on x-rite and custom design is concerned with the etching of polymers.

A computerized mounter cliché minimizes assembling errors and a central drum printing machine capable of printing up to 10 colors, provides a quality above average. The production cycle is completed by pre-cutting machines, welding machines and packaging machines.